Zcash Alliance Aims to Bring Privacy Tech to Bitcoin, Cosmos and Ethereum

Zcash Alliance Aims to Bring Privacy Tech to Bitcoin, Cosmos and Ethereum

Electric Coin Company CTO Nathan Wilcox speaks at Zcon1 in 2019. (Credit: Electric Coin Company)

A handful of big names in crypto want in on the privacy features offered by Zcash.

“It is humbling and inspiring that such a strong group of builders is leaning in to push that mission forward and help guide the future of Zcash,” privacy coin co-founder Zooko Wilcox said in a press statement. 

The Electric Coin Company (ECC) announced Monday the launch of the Zcash Developers Alliance (ZDA), an invite-only working group that includes the Lightning Network startup , the cross-chain technology startup , the Ethereum conglomerate and two leading startups working on the Cosmos project, and Iqlusion, just to name a few. 

“The ZDA is an attempt to introduce a way to collaborate with the ECC, and the Zcash ecosystem, which focuses around other people’s priorities,” Iqlusion founder Zaki Manian said. “Product-market fit is other people [beyond fans and founders] actually caring about it.” 

Manian said the “Zcash anonymity set” is a “valuable public good,” describing how the privacy coin allows shielded transactions and the construct that allows individual transactions to get lost in the metaphorical crowd. 

“It feels like it’s time for a Zcash-Ethereum bridge,” ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin said in a press statement.

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