‘Whale’ Just Sent $130 in Cryptocurrency With a $2.6M Transaction Fee

‘Whale’ Just Sent $130 in Cryptocurrency With a $2.6M Transaction Fee

Credit: Shutterstock/Rainer_81

UPDATE (5:17 UTC June 11): Around 4:00 UTC Thursday, the same address 350 ether with another 10,668 ether – worth $2.6 million – as transaction fees. The block was mined by the Ethermine pool.

UPDATE (12:29 UTC): Spark Pool says it has frozen the payout to miners in its pool.

Slip of the finger? Sadist? It’s not yet known. But at just before 10:00 UTC Wednesday, an unknown wallet holder (around $133) with a 10,666 transaction fee – currently worth just under $2.6 million.

The fee went to Chinese mining group Spark Pool, which processed the transaction and may distribute the millions to its members. A normal would likely be up to $0.50 or so, but can be manually set higher by a sender if they want to push a transaction through more quickly.

The identities of both the sender and receiver are not yet known. But the sender has an worth more than $11 million – even after spending $2.6 million in transaction fees. In comparison, the is now empty, with past funds transferred out to other wallets.

Strangely, the sender’s wallet has been sending out transactions every minute in recent hours and with attached fees worth less than a dollar. As such, it’s possible the whale accidentally reversed the figures for this odd transaction.

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