Veteran Commodities Trader Chris Hehmeyer Goes All In on Crypto

Veteran Commodities Trader Chris Hehmeyer Goes All In on Crypto

Veteran commodities trader Chris Hehmeyer is steering his firm to full-time market making for the crypto space. (Courtesy Chris Hehmeyer)

Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, the commodities investment firm, is pivoting to crypto full-time.

The Chicago-based company, which began offering cryptocurrency services in 2017, will now focus solely on being a market maker and algorithmic trader in the space, rebranding to Hehmeyer in the process.

This means the company will no longer be offering its old brokerage services, prop trading, commodity pool or trading advisor services. Founder and CEO Chris Hehmeyer told CoinDesk that he finds the cryptocurrency and blockchain space dynamic, and believes it can lead to new types of products people could not dream of before, pointing to decentralized finance (DeFi) as one example.

But to Hehmeyer, in the U.S. futures and commodities industry, it’s the potential for removing trusted third parties that seems to be the major draw.

“I hope to see people liberated from the burdens of intermediaries and liberated in their interactions with other people,” he said. “I think it allows people to have more control of their lives and their assets. And I think it creates equity between people. I think people will have more ability to interact and we call it liberating interaction. And so I hope to see a world where people are liberated from having to use extensive intermediaries.”

He said his company will only look at market making on exchanges and counterparties at the moment, but his firm is looking at “some of the possibilities out there.”

“We’re of the opinion, what [people in the space] really need over time is not just an exchange … they need market makers and so we think the market maker can stay in the game and not be disintermediated because what people will need is, they’ll need a market or a price,” he said.

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