Under the times! Can you grasp the value bonus brought by Nebula SRC?

In 2020, the hottest topic in the currency circle must be mining, but there are still many people who do not understand what mining is. Mining said popular point is the process of solving problems, who is the problem maker? Yes, that’s Nakamoto. The concept of bitcoin is derived from a research statement posted by Nakamoto Cong on a secret cryptography review group in 2008, which states his new idea of electronic currency. As a large number of bitcoin are dug out, the algorithm will become more and more difficult, and the process of mining the remaining bitcoin will become very long, so the concept of mining is produced.


And blockchain is a hybrid technology integrating multiple disciplines, such as cryptography, economics, finance, computer science, psychology, etc. more importantly, it is a new way of thinking, such as whether a piece of code can become a new way of human value reserve, transmission and exchange. For example, can real-world assets be confirmed by the value of blockchain’s distributed ledger.

Blockchain is in the early stage of technological development, and there is no consensus of the whole society on its impact on the future of mankind. Human’s views on blockchain are still in the process of exploration, development, debate and value mining. This situation has brought a cognitive dividend stage to ordinary people.

However, the biggest dividend given to investors by blockchain is investment dividend. However, to seize such investment dividend is based on cognitive dividend. Those investors who bought bitcoin, Ethereum and quantum chain in the early stage first paid more than ordinary people’s cognitive investment in blockchain.

Sparkcoin (SRC) system is committed to providing a safe, convenient, efficient and self-learning digital asset management platform for global users, enriching the application scenarios of blockchain technology and digital currency, and aiming to promote its service to commercial progress and social development. SRC hopes to build Alipay, a digital asset in the future, to provide users with a fast deployment of efficient block chain solutions. At the same time, it will achieve one-stop management of special currency, Ethernet, various token and corporate digital token. It can easily and conveniently complete the transaction, exchange and value investment of digital currency, which will enable you to add value to digital money and truly activate your digital capita


According to the market situation analysis, as a new generation of commercial payment platform in the field of digital finance, the value of nebula SRC will be unlimited. SRC members can obtain the parent currency SRC through exchange purchase or offline hedging transactions between members, and then convert it into platform currency CNB. Then they will use CNB to purchase mining machines for income. The daily income will be CNB, which can be directly reinvested It can be converted into the mother currency every day to realize hedging transactions between exchanges or members.

With the breakthrough of emerging science and technology, computing power itself is a new “energy”, and also the fuel of science and technology driven society. The improvement of computing power has driven the rapid change of many emerging technologies, including AI, 5g network, graphic computing and virtual currency. Among them, the payment technology of SRC nebula, which is a machine decision-making technology, has a huge demand for fast calculation. In the future, the cloud payment computing power supply in the intelligent society will become the core part of the industry.

In terms of future development potential, SRC nebula is undoubtedly the leader among many blockchain projects. With the development of blockchain technology in more fields and the advent of big data era, the global demand for payment assets market is extremely huge, which is likely to provide nutrition for the rapid development of SRC. Since there is no doubt about the value of SRC, it is undoubtedly a wise move to enter the market as soon as possible to take advantage of the market layout.


SRC Nebula has changed the way of blockchain technology before application in the past. At the same time, it has established a good commercial application landing support plan, laying a stable foundation for the future value rise of SRC. In the era of blockchain 4.0 and the advent of intelligent management application system, SRC is opening up a leading wave to create a win-win blockchain era!

The nebula SRC is bound to reach an unpredictable height! The future, let’s wait and see!

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