Two Super Nodes of Baer Chain Jointly Develop Games

According to internal news in the Los Angeles blockchain field, the ZEUS project, which is independently developed by Baer Chain super node Baer LA, has gained global attention and participation since its launch.


The data shows that within 5 days of ZEUS online, the total number of coins held in the mining pool has exceeded 25 million BRC ($9.62M), and the number of participating addresses has reached more than 20,000.


In just one week, the data of the Baer Chain main network also continued to surge, with data increases reaching more than 2000%. The launch of ZEUS is a perfect start for the super nodes of the Baer Chain to implement self-help.


With reliable sources, Baer Cali, another super node team from Los Angeles, also began to prepare for self-help. Baer Cali was also the first super node to play games in the Baer ecosystem. The original “Super Soldier” was launched by this node.

At present, Baer Cali is in contact with the British super node Baer England, who is also the game team, to jointly develop a blockchain game (tentatively named Guardian Athena).

According to the information revealed during the communication, the game currently has two planning directions, one is NFT gameplay; the other is classic defense gameplay. It is expected that the final direction will be determined in early January 2021. The game will use ZEUS as a medium for circulation.


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