The head mine of nebula SRC is coming, or it will become a fortune black horse in 2021!

In recent years, bitcoin, Ethereum, firecoin and various derivative digital money markets have experienced explosive development in recent years. Its distributed network has established a digital connection for the global assets, and the value Internet has been born. It has brought an unprecedented subversive revolution to the traditional financial industry. The token based investment community will be popular. In the next decade, the scale of the currency investment management market will reach several trillion US dollars.


Since the blockchain was brought into the scope of China’s new infrastructure, its popularity has been high. Defi mortgage mining has experienced development in 2019 and has been launched at a high speed in 2020. SRC Nebula mining machine is considered by many people to be one of the most valuable investment projects in the future.

Since 2019, defi has become a bridge between the blockchain and the existing financial system, and defi is considered as a “revolutionary movement of new finance”. According to the combination of usability, security, efficiency and defi, sparkcoin (SRC) creates positive incentives between business alliances that meet the needs of digital transformation of real industries.

Sparkcoin (SRC) system is committed to providing a safe, convenient, efficient and self-learning digital asset management platform for global users, enriching the application scenarios of blockchain technology and digital currency, and aiming to promote its service to commercial progress and social development. SRC hopes to build Alipay, a digital asset in the future, to provide users with a fast deployment of efficient block chain solutions. At the same time, it will realize one-stop management of special currency, Ethernet, various token and corporate digital token. It can simply and conveniently complete the transaction, exchange and value investment of digital currency, and realize the rapid increment of digital money, and truly activate your digital assets.


According to market situation analysis, as a new generation of digital finance business payment base platform, nebula SRC will have unlimited value. SRC members can purchase through exchanges or offline hedging transactions between members to obtain the SRC entry mode of parent currency, convert it into platform currency CNB, and then use CNB to purchase mining machines to obtain platform currency CNB, which can be directly reinvested or also directly invested It can be converted into mother currency withdrawal every day and realized through hedging transactions between the exchange or members.

It is based on this that some new forces who want to invest in SRC will probably not be able to get tickets. So, many investors who are optimistic about SRC have already started to fight for “head mine” in the current test network stage.

The so-called “head mine” is actually a popular saying, referring to the SRC coins excavated by the time when the main SRC network is online or a period of time (such as half a year) after the main network of SRC is online or shortly after it is online.

As we all know, the total issue of SRC coins is constant, totaling 21 million. And deflation is decreasing. According to its distribution mechanism, 40% of them are excavated by miners. That is, 8.1 million are used to reward miners.

Obviously, SRC mining has a larger space than buying currency. Therefore, mining has become the first choice for investors, and the “head mine” is the most important.

For the majority of investors, the early preparation for the “head mine”, will certainly take the lead in the fierce competition after the main network is online. In addition, in the early stage of SRC, the input cost and income of miners are likely to be better than that of later stage.

According to the development of nebula ecology, SRC is undoubtedly the leader in many blockchain projects in terms of future development potential. With the development of blockchain technology into more fields, the global trend of digital economy will be greatly developed in 2020, which will provide nutrition for the rapid development of SRC.


Since there is no doubt about the value of SRC, it is undoubtedly a wise move to enter the market as soon as possible to take advantage of the market layout. Moreover, there must be a small number of people with forward-looking investment thinking. Compared with the number of participants in the later stage, the number of participants in the early stage will certainly be much less. In other words, the mining competitiveness of Src in the later stage is much greater than that in the early stage. This also reflects the top priority of its head mine!

Simply put, SRC will seize the wind of the times and go upstream. When 2021 opens, it will become its biggest black horse!


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