The first GECH global environmental protection industry summit was successfully held in Seattle, USA

586227335187121614 October 15, 2020,The first GECH global environmental protection industry summit was held in Seattle, USA. At this meeting, representatives of major listed companies, academic circles, political and business representatives from the global environmental protection industry were invited to discuss and study the development situation of global environmental protection industry.


The topics of the conference covered the regulatory regulations and policy support for environmental protection industry in various countries, the development trend of environmental protection industry under the empowerment of blockchain technology, the incentive mechanism of digital token in environmental public welfare behavior, and the important role of distributed data storage technology in global environmental protection data management. Seattle, USA, has huge development resources and strong innovation atmosphere. It is one of the locations of GECH American branch. The holding of this summit has received great response, attracted environmental protection industry practitioners and innovators from all over the world, and jointly witnessed the latest progress of blockchain technology in the field of environmental protection industry.


John Westfall, CEO of GECH, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech: since entering the global economic integration, the industrial and trade exchanges of various countries have become more and more frequent, and the environmental protection industries of various countries have also begun to transform and integrate with the high-frequency technical exchanges. With the efforts of Technology introduction and innovation, the technology level is gradually narrowed, and the environmental protection industry of each country is balanced. Development has always been the ultimate goal of GECH. The significance of this conference is to share industry resources, share business models and explore innovative technologies.


Ramzi Ammari, technical development engineer of GECH, said that GECH has been in a state of continuous progress in the development of technological innovation in environmental protection industry. GECH actively promotes the application of environmental protection technology and advocates the combination of green technology and personal environmental protection. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. GECH encourages all people to consciously contribute to environmental protection, participate in public welfare and environmental protection activities, and achieve low-carbon life and low-carbon travel. Through the blockchain network, GECH environmental protection fund mine is to create a digital token incentive mechanism network that acts on environmental protection public welfare behavior.


GECH environmental protection fund mine is a digital token incentive mechanism network with “zero access” and “zero cost” that everyone can participate in. The total output is 1 billion pieces, which is produced in the form of cloud computing power mining. GECH is different from most currencies. GECH does not rely on specific currency institutions. It is generated by a large number of calculations based on specific algorithms. GECH uses the distributed database composed of many nodes in the whole point-to-point transmission network to confirm and record all transaction behaviors, and uses the design of cryptography to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation.The decentralized nature of point-to-point transmission and the algorithm itself can ensure that currency values cannot be manipulated artificially by mass manufacturing GECH. The design based on cryptography can make GECH only be transferred or paid by the real owner, which ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulation transaction.


Finally, GECH hopes that through this innovative blockchain technology, every GECH partner in the world can make corresponding contributions to environmental protection and public welfare undertakings while gaining wealth! GECH preaches for environmental protection public welfare and supports the development of global environmental protection industry.




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