The Bitcoiners Who Live ‘Permanently Not There’

The Bitcoiners Who Live ‘Permanently Not There’

Katie Ananina, founder of Plan B Passports, helps the crypto-rich gain citizenship in tax-advantaged nations. (Katie Ananina)

Katie Ananina is building her citadel, and selling others on the dream. 

For the past year, the Russian emigre has jumped among the U.S. cities of Miami, Houston, San Francisco and Denver, plus Puerto Rico, random islands in the Caribbean and Guadalajara, Mexico, trying to find the right location to establish a base camp. It’s part of her lifestyle as well as her job. 

Ananina is the founder of , a business that works primarily with Bitcoiners to obtain legal residency status in their choice of six tax-haven nations. It’s an offshoot of Migronis Citizenship, a resettlement business, which itself has five offices globally.

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