Talk about the “King’s Bomb” era of Dolphin Protocol

On the last day of last month, the decentralized exchange UNISWAP had a new member: DPL, as the first token of Dolphin Protocol, occupied the top of the DEFI heat list on the first day of opening liquidity mining. At the same time, it also brushed the screen on the major media: all the major media have said that UNISWAP has ushered in the king’s bombing!

So, what is DPL performance after nearly a week opening of liquidity mining?

Some clues can be seen from the pledged assets in the pool of the dolphin agreement: in the USDT pool, there are more than 30000 USDT so far, while in the DPL-ETH pool, which accounts for 95% of the future production, there are more than 5300 DPL-ETH token in total. Judging from this data alone, the performance of DPL is not excellent.

But we should see the essence through the phenomenon.

From the current situation, many investors involved in DPL liquidity mining are not familiar with the operation of the software. In fact, from asset exchange to successful pledge of assets, the intermediate steps can be said to be very complicated. If you do not spend time to study, it is very difficult to understand the various steps in the middle. In operation, it has blocked many digital assets that are expected to participate.At present, the major communities have begun to produce various versions of teaching materials and push them to the market. It will not take much time. As more and more people learn how to operate, more and more users will participate in it!

In addition to the above operational reasons, the common problem of liquidity mining is that the transaction costs in various links are also very moving, which makes many asset holders who intend to participate in the process flinch. Fortunately, we have learned that the annual return rate of DPL-ETH liquidity mining under ideal conditions has reached an amazing 1380%!Such annualized rate of return, the transaction cost is a ball! Its totally negligible!

In addition, we also learned that in order to maintain the DPL self circulation and independent operation, the Dolphin Protocol consensus miner union voted to close the USDT mine pool and ETH mine pool two single ore pools!That is to say, in the future, only DPL will be able to participate in liquidity mining!The most effective assets are concentrated, so that more assets can be converted into DPL to participate in mining.It can be foreseen that this will obviously promote the price of DPL mobile market in the future!

Finally, in the future, the Dolphin Protocol will airdrop candy to the hot project communities.If the community where you hold assets is very hot, you can check your wallet from time to time, and you may have a surprise one day! This rule, more and more, will attract users from other communities to the Dolphin Protocol. Before long, more assets will appear in the DPL-ETH mine pool.


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