Pentagon War Game Envisioned a Generation-Z Rebellion Funded by Bitcoin

Pentagon War Game Envisioned a Generation-Z Rebellion Funded by Bitcoin

Credit: Shutterstock/Jacob Lund

The world has been hit by cyberattacks from a shadowy organization, “Zbellion,” that funds itself through stealing fiat currencies from “the establishment” and converting it into .

Don’t panic, though. That scenario is the premise for a war game from the U.S. military, designed in 2018 to prepare troops for future conflicts fought on computers rather than on the field.

Reported by , following a Freedom of Information request to the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense, the 200-page document shows what the higher echelons of the U.S. military seem to be primarily concerned about with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The war game is set in 2025, when an organization based on the dark web, known as “Zbellion” exploits dissatisfaction in Generation Z – “Gen Z” – who, with poorer life chances than their predecessors, are increasingly disillusioned with American and Western society.

The group encourages Gen Z members to participate in a global cyberattack that steals money from organizations deemed to support “the establishment.”

The Pentagon document says stolen funds are funneled into bitcoin: “Zbellion uses software programs to route any proceeds [from the hacks] into laundering programs that ultimately convert national currencies into Bitcoin and make “small, below the threshold donations” to “worthy recipients” and, if Zbellion members claim financial need, to the member who conducted the attack.”

How exactly the Pentagon imagines Zbellion would convert fiat into bitcoin, whether through an exchange or using a peer-to-peer marketplace, isn’t elaborated in the document. It’s also possible war game designers used the term “Bitcoin” as shorthand for cryptocurrencies in general.

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