OKEx Resumes Withdrawals 5 Weeks After Freeze

OKEx Resumes Withdrawals 5 Weeks After Freeze
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Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has reopened withdrawals five weeks after an abrupt suspension.

In a short on Thursday, the exchange announced that it was lifting the freeze at 08:00 UTC and pointed users to a compensation and loyalty program in an attempt to appease disgruntled users.

As on Wednesday, OKEx had been preparing its platform functionality ahead of the reopening by testing its withdrawal system, as 0.02  was moved out from an OKEx wallet.

On Oct. 16, OKEx had been forced to  when an unnamed holder of the keys to the cryptocurrency assets was detained by police to apparently assist an investigation.

A report in the Chinese newspaper Caixin said the key holder was the founder of OKCoin and CEO of OK Group , based on sources “close” to the company.

However, OKEx representatives have denied any connection between the two when asked by CoinDesk.

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