MKEcoin main network officially launched, four core mechanisms detonate commercial application block chain network track


According to MKEcoin official news, MKEcoin main network officially launched on November 30. When online MKEcoin the main network will be used as the mother chain of full new high performance, with sub-chain technology based on CryptoNote protocol, to provide more efficient enterprise asset digitization and circulation solutions and R & D services for global enterprises. Accelerate the process of global asset digitization. According to the different needs of enterprises, the intelligent contract DAPP program will be designed and built in depth to meet the digital needs of commercial applications.

MKEcoin, as a leading cryptocurrency, is a sub-chain technique based on Monero CryptoNote protocols, which can be mixed by multi-layer linkable spontaneous anonymous group signatures (M-LSAGS) to achieve mixing. The effective inheritance of the Monero mechanism can provide users with stronger privacy by using hidden addresses (stealthaddress) to hide transaction data and key portraits to prevent double flower attacks. MKEcoin also use ring signatures in the hybrid protocol. each transaction in the MKEcoin uses a ring signature scheme to generate a key portrait, which is the result of executing a one-way function for the private key of a given user. The information contained in the portrait allows a third party to know that the transaction has been correctly formed and has not attempted a double-flower attack. In Monroe coins, ring signatures are used in combination with hidden addresses, which are disposable addresses and are not related to any user.

Moreover, MKEcoin four core mechanisms of the main network are also the core commercial value of the MKEcoin. They have the advantages of openness, transparency, efficiency and speed, that is, ensuring the transparency of the data, and protecting the privacy of users. Compared with other block chain networks, MKEcoin shows stronger expansibility and can be applied to all kinds of business application scenarios. At the same time MKEcoin the transaction speed of the main network is increased to thousands of times per second, the stability of the sub-chain system is also enhanced to ensure that more enterprise block chain applications run smoothly in the whole chain main network ecology.

1.Distributed Network

MKEcoin networks and books are globally distributed, there is no single server or database that can be hacked, controlled or censored by malicious hackers. that would be futile if either region closed local MKEcoin nodes or tried to limit who could send/receive MKEcoin,! The rest of the world will network and continue to process transactions.

2.Financial security

MKEcoin is a distributed anonymous encrypted digital asset, which is self-protected by a password mechanism that is not easy to crack, which means that it is a secure digital asset operated by the user network. Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus, and then immutable records are made on the block chain. Third parties do not need to be trusted to ensure the security of your MKEcoin, MKEcoin the network through an unbreakable password mechanism for self-protection, so there is no need to authenticate third parties to be responsible for your funds and transactions. Each MKEcoin participant can verify the validity of the book itself, so you don’t even need to trust the node operator.

3.User privacy

User privacy has always been the advantage of block chain technology. In encryption algorithm system, transaction details can be queried through public key, private key is always in the hands of users, but in block chain browser, because each transaction can be consulted, it will inevitably cause loss of user privacy. MKEcoin sub-chain technology based on CryptoNote protocol, which effectively inherits Monero privacy mechanism and uses ring signature, ring secret transaction and encrypted address to confuse the source, amount and destination of all transactions. CryptoNote protocol provides all the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency without any representative privacy concessions, leaving all MKEcoin transaction sources, transaction amounts, and acceptance addresses untraceable. by default, the number of sending and receiving addresses and transaction processing is confused. Transactions on the block chain can not be linked to a specific user or true identity.


Interchangeability refers to assets that are difficult to distinguish and swap within their units. For example, suppose your neighbors borrow you 1 kg of flour to make a cake, and they return the flour next week, of course, from a different source of 1 kg of flour (because they bake with your original flour). This is not a problem because flour is interchangeable, however, vehicles are not interchangeable, and if your neighbor borrows your car, what you may want to return is your car. Monero is substitutable in the monro coin network because it is private by default. Because of their association in previous transactions, Monero units can not be blacklisted by suppliers or exchanges.

The interchangeability mechanism of MKEcoin is that once the association is generated, the data will remain in the chain, MKEcoin

Records are recorded on MEK networks and association chains.

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