Lotus Exchange initiated the community economic system of “consensus link + value transfer”, and created a new value system of community governance


As a decentralized digital asset exchange, Lotus exchange attaches great importance to the construction of community governance. In terms of community co-construction system, Lotus exchange gathers a number of senior community operation experts, economics experts and community leaders. Through multi-dimensional and diversified organic combination, Lotus exchange forms a new set of community governance and user incentive mechanism, and pioneers “consensus link + value transmission””Community economic system.The brand-new sustainable economic system, combined with the excellent trading liquidity of the whole network, the million level matching trading engine, the excellent depth, the millisecond level single order experience, and the nearly perfect design framework, not only ensure the interests of community users, but also fully mobilize the enthusiasm of community users, so that all network users can participate in the construction of Lotus exchange.


As the core component of the decentralized trading platform, community governance plays an important role in promoting the development of Lotus exchange, and it is also an important way to seek benefits for the majority of users. Lotus exchange always adheres to the principle of community autonomy, clarifies development goals and formulates reasonable and feasible strategic plans.The Lotus exchange advocates that only when the power is dispersed and distributed to the major communities, so that the majority of community users can really participate in the construction of Lotus exchange, the platform can truly achieve development and bring more benefits to all users.


The community economic system is the precondition to support the efficient operation and sustainable development of the whole community. Lotus exchange will adopt the new community governance and user incentive mechanism of “consensus link + value transfer”. Consensus link is the original user incentive mechanism of Lotus exchange. As one of the core mechanisms of community co-construction system, consensus link can activate the interests of all user levels. And form a more value sticky promotion system, so that each role in the Lotus exchange ecology can maximize the community value while seeking their own interests, form a joint force to promote the overall progress of Lotus exchange, and finally realize the growth of Lotus decentralized digital asset exchange.


An excellent community economic system model should consider the organic linkage of individual interests and collective interests. Lotus exchange advocates that individual interests drive the development of collective interests. The development of Lotus exchange community can not be separated from the promotion of all members. Consensus link, a reasonable and feasible incentive mechanism, will not harm individuals and individuals in the process of seeking interests for users. On the contrary, collective interests will promote the great progress of the entire platform. A good economic model needs to do this, and Lotus exchange is such an excellent representative case.




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