Lossless Smart Contract Fire Full Game Online Universal Version


Fire Full Game international common version of open source code has been deployed on the Dapp page and has been updated today (November 17,2020), according to Twitter from the Fire Full Game development team. Players will be able to access the Fire Full Game international version through Dapp, participating in the Lossless smart contract Fire Full Game.

Lossless intelligent contract Fire Full Game international general version 100% open source authority authentication, no project side, by the Fire Full Game development team responsible for technology development 100 super players to participate in governance, code open source and non-tampering, data transparent, no control, Never turn off the net, seconds, static and dynamic combination, no cash, project sustainable development.

Lossless intelligent contract Fire Full Game the international common version is deployed on the TRON public chain, only needs to use the TRX to map into the fuel (FPT) as the ticket to participate, the fuel (FPT) total issue 30 million, through the mapping all flows into the market ,100% by 100 super players. Meanwhile, fuel (FPT) is used to participate in Lossless contracts, and all fuel (FPT) after participation in use is no longer incinerated and destroyed into the market, which is automatically executed by intelligent contracts. Fuel (FPT) per incineration destruction of the remaining 20, the price rose 40, unlimited circulation. TRX is the global mainstream currency, strong credibility, can be traded at any time, cash at any time, strong liquidity, more application scenarios, there is a huge room for appreciation.

Fire Full Game development team said that the decentralized block chain Lossless intelligent contract Fire Full Game Since the launch, by the majority of players support and attention, the cumulative browsing firepower of nearly 600000 players, in response to community-based calls, support all players have a sense of acquisition. We always shoulder the mission of creating fair, fair and open intelligent contract application for players, creating a decentralized environment with no human intervention, no capital precipitation, and seconds and seconds, igniting the player’s passion for participation, and promoting the continuous development of decentralized block chain intelligent contract.

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