IPFSWAP Interstellar Trading Platform Global professional IPFS storage coin mining exchange

IPFS has proven the effectiveness of content addressing through decentralized web pages, and it provides the use of billions of files on a global peer-to-peer network. It liberates island data, network partition survival, offline work, censorship system routes, and lasting digital information. IPFS allows participants in the network to store each other, request and transmit verifiable data, and the goal is to create a more open, fast and secure Internet.

Since its launch in 2015, IPFS has over one million nodes and nearly 30 billion files have been stored on the network. At present, there are also a large number of applications developed on IPFS or using IPFS as underlying storage, covering social networks, video, media applications, and public chains. Since 2017, distributed storage projects represented by IPFS, due to the high integration of the technical characteristics of the blockchain, have ushered in a wave of continuous attention and heat for more than two years. Hundreds of new companies have invested in the exploration and preparation of the distributed storage field, and gradually formed an emerging industry with a market of nearly 100 billion and a potential space of more than one trillion. On this basis, IPFSWAP Interstellar Exchange came into being based on IPFS distributed storage technology.

IPFSWAP Interstellar Exchange is a global exclusive IPFS storage currency asset trading platform established by the founding team members of the Future Cloud Mine Foundation of the United States and Protocol Labs, as well as the senior quantitative trading teams of Wall Street and Japan and Europe. A digital asset trading platform created by a decentralized group. It is currently the world’s only trading system developed with the underlying technology of IPFS. Independent data storage, 1.4 million efficient transactions per second. Intelligent processing multi-platform executive terminal, with bank-level risk control system. Facing global users, it provides safe, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain storage currency token economic transaction services.


IPFSWAP Interstellar Exchange will fully integrate IPFS and the blockchain economic system to form an internal and external double cycle system. Achieved a perfect parallel of efficiency, safety and cost. Aggregate users, credit institutions, mine miners, exchanges, developers, engineers, investors and other participants to reflect the true value of the blockchain. Through the platform system to solve the problems that hinder the large-scale application of the IPFS ecosystem, a variety of service scenarios can be realized, the industrial chain of distributed storage services can be opened up, and a complete ecosystem can be realized.

IPFSWAP Interstellar Exchange will use technology to change the world and help all interstellar users around the world release the maximum energy. With distributed accounting, distributed communication, distributed storage distributed control system, democracy and community autonomy, people all over the world can participate fairly Storage coin digital asset investment makes digital assets a new asset allocation.


Let valuable data be permanently stored

Let the development of civilization be permanent and orderly


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