In the era of blockchain, GLC stands out with innovation

Modern society needs to use new thinking, new technology, new methods and new systems. The traditional social credit system can no longer meet the needs of modern society’s operation and development, and the development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence has given birth to Therefore, building a new social credit system based on system credit has become an important path for the construction of modern society. As a highly innovative decentralized, de-platformed, and de-intermediary point-to-point consumer network infrastructure platform in the blockchain era , the model, system, mode, consensus, credit and integration innovation of the GLC platform and on this basis The multi-field scenario application highlights its ability to achieve a wide range of transformations, and rebuilds a brand-new social credit system. GLC can change the way enterprises rise, socialized governance, and the development of basic consumer Creation and diversification symbiosis, and jointly achieve the new ecology of human civilization in the era of blockchain.

Mutually beneficial symbiosis, reshaping a new incentive mechanism

The world around us is constantly changing. As a mature organization, GLC also needs to innovate to resist competition and maintain an important position in a constantly changing environment. Technology is the driving factor of the demand for innovation and change. On the GLC platform, the consensus mechanism is the core cornerstone of technology and an important guarantee for system security. As a decentralized system, GLC uses a consensus mechanism to allow thousands of nodes scattered around the world to reach a consensus on the creation of blocks. GLC’s contract mechanism also includes an incentive mechanism to promote the effective operation of the blockchain system, which is also the basis for the GLC nascent chain to establish trust and continuous market motivation.

On the GLC platform, no one will limit any of your choices and decisions, because everything is a consensus operation. After different consensus cycles are over, your rewards will also be automatically settled and distributed on the chain. No one knows your earnings, and no one knows your behavior record. You only need to know that your behavioral consensus has brought you joyful income.

In addition, GLC can implement technical support in the form of smart contracts according to the different needs of different industries, thereby further improving the efficiency of consensus and promoting the virtuous circle of development of different industries.

Multi-party win-win building a new value system

GLC can record massive amounts of behavioral information and store it on each node. The information is transparent, prevents tampering, and has low maintenance costs. Perhaps in the future, users can call information from any node when applying for loans, ordering, dispute resolution, and deposit preservation. GLC essentially implements a decentralized and distributed large-scale credit mechanism. While eliminating the “super credit” of central institutions, it also ensures the safe and efficient operation of the credit mechanism.

GLC integrates ecology and applications through theory + technical practice. The essence of GLC is an open technology integration with a specific underlying architecture and protocol, and technological innovation. It is the accumulation of various technical fields, but it is not Simple addition. GLC is a chain block structure based on timestamp. The data on the chain is difficult to tamper with. This is a perfect fusion of the technology of the blockchain itself and the software and hardware technologies that support the operation of the GLC block.

GLC promotes financial inclusion by keeping fees low and ensuring that every transaction is equal, regardless of its origin or originator. As a decentralized, de-platform, and de-intermediary global chain of life integrated service public chain, GLC cooperates with local licensed financial service institutions, which can not only help institutions solve the borrower’s credit problems, but also provide no bank card, no identity Of borrowers provide a legal and compliant borrowing channel. Both the borrower and the lender reach a consensus based on Math and Code to generate transactions. They do not rely on any centralized institution to generate transactions through value transfer, thereby building a GLC value world.

The new era of blockchain is here, and the future value of GLC is immeasurable!

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