How does the TITAN (TTC) become the king of global public chain?

The blockchain technology that has entered the public‘s field of vision due to Bitcoin has quietly extended to many fields in recent years, gradually showing the unlimited potential of “blockchain +” finance, entertainment, government affairs, and public welfare.

In just a few years, blockchain technology has become a frontier position in global technological development. Facebook uses blockchain technology to issue digital currency Libra. China issues central bank digital currency DCEP through blockchain technology, and incorporates blockchain technology into the scope of new infrastructure. Countries around the world are scrambling to explore application value of blockchain.

How does the TITAN (TTC) become the king of global public chain?-coinposts

From blockchain 1.0: bitcoin to blockchain 2.0: Ethereum, to blockchain 3.0: EOS, and to blockchain 4.0: IPFS, etc., blockchain technology continues to make leapfrog development, but it also constantly faces new challenges: how to maintain decentralization while increasing transaction speed; how to ensure information security on the chain and how to expand larger-scale ecological applications and other problems.

The arrival of blockchain 5.0 provides a perfect solution to these technical problems, and the TITAN global public chain will become the leader of the blockchain 5.0 stage through its unique technical strength.

Original PoST Hypertime Proof PoS Equity Proof

Titan chain adopts PoST super spatiotemporal proof PoS equity proof consensus mechanism to creatively combine the two while taking into account the overall performance and consensus efficiency. TITAN chain fixation produces a new block every 0.5 seconds, with 0.3 TITAN pass-certification TTC. in each block The latest version of the TITAN chain main network has proved that the trading capacity of the TITAN chain reaches the mean value of 1,000,000 TPS and the peak value of 7,500,000 TPS. when the side chain synchronously.

How does the TITAN (TTC) become the king of global public chain?-coinposts

PoST mechanism PoS mechanism solve the problems of low transaction efficiency and low security in the blockchain industry at present. At the same time, combining with zero knowledge proof technology, TITAN solve the “impossible triangle” problem of blockchain that needs to be solved urgently in the industry as far as possible.

Sidechain, on-chain, and sharding technologies enhance the imagination of public chain

The side chain protocol is essentially a cross-block chain solution, which can maximize the expansion of the public chain and make the face ecology stronger and stronger on the road of vigorous development. The side chain also provides a safer protocol upgrade mode, enabling applications in TITAN ecology, such as on-chain trading systems, TITAN mall, TITAN pan-entertainment plates to operate more efficiently and independently, while carrying the value carrying through the main chain and each side chain through the TITAN card TTC.

TITAN has made major improvements in the etheric compartmentalization technology, the main difference being that the blocks on the TITAN chain are stacked vertically and therefore can run different applications. A significant advantage between TITAN and ethernet’s shards is that the state of the entire network is created a copy before each block is produced.

How does the TITAN (TTC) become the king of global public chain?-coinposts

On-chain storage and encryption system to ensure the safety of information assets

After multi-party analysis, TITAN comes up with the following technical and innovative solutions to achieve TITAN design objectives.

TITAN uses a distributed ledger with a TTC architecture and a virtual machine with database functionality, anyone can write databases and publish smart contracts and DApp, so they can set rules for data ownership, data transaction formats, and data value conversion in their own projects.

TITAN is committed to contributing its own strength to the development of the block chain to ensure the assets and information security of users on the TITAN main network chain. To this end, it TITAN an original solution, which is highly secure, can be quickly installed and signed, and is easy to retrieve in special circumstances, and plays an important role in the confidential documents of many companies.

TITAN invested many development resources to achieve TISS. TISS as an encryption protocol for distributed key generation and signature, it can be compatible and reused in ECDSA-based blockchains, including TITAN chains, bitcoin and ethernet networks, etc.

How does the TITAN (TTC) become the king of global public chain?-coinposts

The great tide washes out the sand and leaves the gold on the shore. Only teams and projects that truly master the core blockchain technology can become a winner in this rapidly changing market. TITAN knows this well and has been practicing the concept of deep research technology and expanding ecology, digging deep into its own moat, and being the leader of Blockchain 5.0.

There are fish in the north, whose name is Kun, whose size is thousands of miles.Promoting the implementation of the global blockchain technology ecological application and giving the blockchain development dividend to the global investors, so that everyone can participate equally and share digital currency investment opportunities.

TITAN is bound to win.

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