Gold bitpay technology has been open sourced, creating a global community of technical eco-developers to create the strongest IoT value

The rapid development of the Internet of Things has promoted the leap-forward progress of data collection capabilities. Now that data has penetrated into every industry and business function area, it has become an important production factor. With the arrival of the 5G era, the Internet of Things industry will usher in a thorough With the outbreak, data will surely increase in a blowout fashion, and the safe storage and efficient use of massive data will be an urgent need to overcome.

The combined form of “blockchain + Internet of Things” is the solution that most people have mentioned to solve the problem. Recently, this form has been successfully overcome by the Gold bitpay project and has successfully obtained a large number of investment from capital institutions.

Gold bitpay is a decentralized value-based public chain developed based on the application characteristics of DAG technology, a universal blockchain programming platform based on DAG technology, with a decentralized distributed blockchain operating system, which builds a secure, decentralized A high-concurrency blockchain network that supports high concurrency, and a high-concurrency blockchain network created can build an IoT value ecosystem.

This IoT value ecosystem built by Gold bitpay will create a trading platform through the decentralized nature of the blockchain to solve users’ data rights and value transactions, and also allow data between terminals to be in a decentralized area. Trusted exchanges are made in the blockchain network. Finally, Gold bitpay will activate the entire Internet of Things industry through DAG technology. People and terminals will form a Gold bitpay blockchain network, forming a transaction based on the use rights and ownership of terminals, services, and data. Carrier value ecological economic community.

Such clever design ideas and development strength have amazed some experts. This has also led some technology development agencies to seek cooperation with Gold bitpay. Currently, Gold bitpay has opened a small part of the code for technical personnel in various industries to conduct research. Part of the Internet technology giants have joined the technology development of Gold bitpay. They are all technical experts from different fields. This time they are focused on developing and verifying the application possibilities of Gold bitpay’s IoT network in their commercial field. .

In addition to the addition of Internet giants, some companies with patented blockchain technology have joined Gold bitpay. For example: Xerox, a technology company, has the most patented blockchain technology Alibaba, Internet giants Amazon, Tencent Technology, IBM … they will Cooperate with Gold bitpay to develop blockchain. It can be said that the birth of a cross-generation product can not only bring people around to the road of wealth success, but also make huge changes in the entire era. In a sense, Gold bitpay is like Twitter and Face book to the Internet of Things. The meaning given to the Internet is the same.

In Gold bitpay’s IoT network, users can program, develop their own applications and blockchain systems, and issue their own tokens, perform data analysis and transactions, develop APPs and DAPPs, and even implement them through cloud computing Shared value swaps, and all the fees and benefits are used Gold Bitpay’s ecological token GBY for consumption and settlement.

The future business model of Gold bitpay is huge, because it covers the field that can be covered by the network on the entire planet, and the addition of batches of technology giants will make the new world of interconnection of everything created by Gold bitpay Coming soon!

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