Gold bitpay has reached strategic cooperation with well-known investment institutions, who will work together to develop a healthy blockchain

According to people familiar with the matter, at the beginning of 2020, some well-known investment institutions and capitals are investigating and studying a blockchain Internet of things project named gold bitpay, believing that the project plays a very important role in the combination of blockchain and Internet of things.

Just this month, golden bitpay global development fund, a powerful alliance of Sequoia Capital in Singapore, authorized its community to manage the fund investment and financing business in Europe, America and Asia Pacific region.

In addition, FBG venture capital, VC capital, Yunfeng capital and other well-known investment institutions will sign an agreement with the gold bitpay project this month; in June 2020, gold bitpay and tether will jointly announce that they will jointly develop a healthy blockchain, which will be a long-term strategic cooperation.

FBG venture capital: a venture capital enterprise in China that focuses on investing in blockchain technology related enterprises, provides support for many blockchain related start-ups, and has participated in the private placement and early investment incubation of several well-known projects such as Ethereum, termite, ontology, etc.

VC capital: founded in 2017, it is a digital asset investment fund focusing on blockchain, promoting the development of blockchain economy and programmable finance, practicing blockchain technology will play a more important role in the future, bringing more transparency, higher efficiency and safer environment to the global economy.

Yunfeng capital: founded in 2013, it is an investment fund focusing on the field of new technology. It has invested in 4G, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and other cross era products, and actively promoted the development of new technology, bringing new impetus to the development of science and technology.

Gold bitpay is to develop decentralized value public chain based on the application characteristics of DAG technology. It is a general block chain programming platform based on DAG technology. Through decentralized distributed block chain operating system, a secure, decentralized and highly concurrent block chain network is built.

The investigation and Research Report of capital institutions shows that gold bitpay’s blockchain network is the key to building a new generation of value ecosystem of the Internet of things. It creates a trading platform through the decentralized characteristics of the blockchain to solve the data rights and value transactions of users, and also enables the data between the terminal and the end to be exchanged credibly in the decentralized blockchain network. Finally, gold Bitpay will activate the whole Internet of things industry through DAG technology, and people and terminals will form gold bitpay’s blockchain network, forming a value ecological economic community based on terminal, service, data use right and ownership as the transaction carrier.

The capital of each investment institution highly recognizes the technology and new concept of gold bitpay, thinks that gold bitpay will usher in a new era of block Internet of things, and also expresses that gby, the ecological token of gold bitpay, will be the only payment tool in this new era.

With the help of excellent technology and abundant capital of many investment institutions, the future of gold bitpay is unpredictable. It has a great positive role in promoting the epoch-making development of blockchain and Internet of things!


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