GENESIS New Online Facilitate The Diverse Development Of Blockchain Games

Blockchain is developing at a high speed, and the emergence of decentralized finance has made the market active again, attracting countless capitals. With huge traffic, problems such as network congestion and high GAS fees frequently occur. Obviously, it is impossible to support the extension of decentralized finance in a deeper and further direction, and market development has encountered bottlenecks.

The innovation and upgrade of the public chain has become the top priority of the development of the blockchain, and projects and institutions with dreams have invested in it to find breakthrough opportunities. It is understood that the current three major public chains in the market are the Ethereum public chain, EOS public chain, and TRON public chain. In the ranking of domestic public chains, TRON is not allowed to sit firmly in the first place.

TRON Public Chain Made A Breakthrough

Scalable performance effectively solves the problems currently faced by the market, becoming a technological breakthrough for major public chains, and fierce competition. TRON launched the side chain expansion technology SUN Network, which enables the entire ecosystem to have higher throughput and extremely low resource costs, making it one of the first choices for developers and users.

According to statistics from DAppReview, the number of DApps on the TRON public chain has exceeded 700, surpassing the EOS public chain for the first time. Looking to the other side, the active users of TRON’s DApp have also significantly led Ethereum and EOS for more than 20 consecutive days. In the beginning of 2021, TRON has become the public chain with the largest increase in DApp and the fastest growth rate, taking the lead.

GENESIS Got Huge Attention When It Went Online

Numerous DApps have become a beautiful landscape of TRON ecology, continuously contributing to TRON ecology. The recently launched project, GENESIS, is committed to enriching the TRON ecosystem and becoming a star project in 2021, attracting attention.

What is GENESIS?

GENESIS is a smart contract game built on the TRON public chain. The unique game mechanism allows everyone to experience the birth of the universe. Everyone can become the creator of the universe in the game of Genesis and get benefits from it.

When GENESIS was launched, the team had already deployed everything. The GENESIS team is composed of many of the world’s top blockchain game developers and operators. It has rich experience and advanced technology. It has undergone strict audits before going online to ensure the smoothness and safety of the game, and through continuous updates and iterations, Let users get the latest and strange gaming experience.

Adhering to the spirit of decentralization of the blockchain, GENESIS has realized a completely self-circulating, truly consensus-based Genesis universe ecosystem. All decisions are handed over to nodes and community members to vote for election, completely separated from the GENESIS Foundation and become a highly autonomous The system and ecology ensure the absolute rights and interests of participants, while also making TRON a global financial portal.

GENESIS Games has a huge accumulation of members of the Genesis community brought by the team and continues to expand outward. In addition to actively maintaining cooperation with many first-line organizations, the team is more committed to developing innovative gameplay. Built in the GENESIS game of TRON, TRX TRON has become the energy that supports this universe. All players only need to contribute TRX energy according to the rules to have the opportunity to get rich returns.

GENESIS Introduction

In the Genesis universe ecosystem, there are a total of six parts, which surround each other and cannot be divided. This also means that GENESIS has a total of six gameplay methods for users to play.

01. The First Part of The day Before Beginning

As the beginning of the game, the first is to create a whole new universe. All participants use no less than 1,000 TRX as the universe creation fund to help the singularity accumulate energy. When the energy value accumulates to 2.6 million TRX, the singularity will explode and a new universe will be born.

02. The Second Part Of Defense War

When the universe was created, the next battle will be to defend the universe. Each player contributes a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 50,000 TRX to participate in the defense of the newly born universe. During the growth of the universe, energy will be generated all the time. This is also the link where players gain revenue. As the total energy of the universe increases or decreases by 100,000 TRX, the player’s real-time revenue increases or decreases by 0.01%, with the lowest 3% and the highest 20% daily income, which changes in real time according to the amount of TRX in the universe.

03. The Third Part Of Planet Invasion

It is worth noting that the third part of the Planet Invasion war runs simultaneously with the Defense War. The development of the Genesis Universe will continue to accumulate and form 4 types of planets. The energy is 10,000 TRX-20,000 TRX-30,000 TRX-40,000 TRX. All players can participate in the grabbing of planetary energy, and the energy will continue to accumulate. There will be 3 winners in the planetary battle, and they will allocate 50%-30%-20% of the planetary energy.

For example, when a Planet Invasion battle has accumulated 100,000 TRX energy and there is a winner, the player who stays at the end will enjoy exclusive 50,000 TRX energy rewards, and the remaining second and third places will receive 300,000 and 200,000 respectively. TRX rewards.

04. The Fourth Part Of The New Warriors

As an extension of the Defense War, the new warriors joining is also a game link for users to obtain additional benefits. Whenever the new warriors energy reserve accumulates to 10,000 TRX, the energy reserve will begin to be released. This energy reserve will be awarded to the ten players closest to its birth evenly, and each will receive 1000 TRX.

05.The fifth part of Great Migration

As a mysterious cosmic event, the cosmic explosion has been widely studied and discussed by astronomers. Today, the universe ecosystem created in Genesis has finally become a reality. When a universe is over-expanded and its energy continues to shrink to 2 million TRX, it will trigger the Great Migration and enter a 12-hours countdown .

The only solution is that when the countdown enters 180 seconds, all players can use 200 TRX as energy to prevent the explosion. When the energy accumulates to 4 million TRX again, a new universe will be born, and all players can retain 25% of the energy as a daily income calculation.

If the final energy cannot reach 4 million TRX, the remaining cosmic energy will be divided according to the system’s last player 50%, the bottom second 10%, and the bottom third to 10th with an average of 40%.

06. Part sixth of Noah’s Ark Project

Humans have always believed and awed the sacred Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark has become the last hope of saving mankind. The significance of its concept in the ecosystem of the Genesis universe is evident.

If the creation of the new universe fails, participants who participate in the defense of the old universe and obtain less than 10% of the energy will continue to allocate 60% of the energy resources in the Ark; users who obtain more than 11% to 20% will be allocated 30% of the energy in the Ark Resources; participants who obtain between 21% and 30% will allocate 10% of the energy of the Ark.

The six gameplays interspersed in the Genesis Universe ecosystem are the team’s good intentions for maintaining user revenue. Each participant can not only obtain continuous benefits in the Defense War, but also participate in more exciting battles for planets and satellites, so as to obtain more substantial benefits. Escape from the big bang and the Noah’s Ark plan provide the player with the most solid guarantee. In either case, the player’s profit method always exists in the game.

GENESIS has a variety of gameplay and encourages more people to participate. Participating players are enthusiastic and the cosmic energy grows rapidly, forming a benign closed loop of ecological value. The integration of gameplay with its own ecology has achieved maximum fairness and justice, and is expected to become the perfect economic model of current games + TRON, and the construction of a truly ideal co-prosperity digital universe is just around the corner.

Unique GENESIS Smart Contract, Subverting The Traditional Financial Model

GENESIS is also a kind of smart contract, and its unique technology can ensure the safe interaction between GENESIS and its members. In addition, the TRON public chain has strong scalability, which further ensures the openness and transparency of GENESIS game transactions. Once a smart contract is injected, it cannot be tampered with. GENESIS insists on decentralization and is consistent in exploring the blockchain world.

Unique mechanism and groundbreaking crowdfunding model. Unlike other smart contracts, DeFi projects and other DAPPs, GENESIS is an innovation in financial technology. Everyone will win fairly in the financial world. It is believed that in the near future, the GENESIS ecosystem will continue to grow and help TRON become a global financial portal and achieve large-scale value capture.

It is understood that the official website of GENESIS game has been officially launched, and the official website also provides a material area. Everyone who provides materials and uploads them to the official website will receive rich and mysterious rewards provided by GENESIS. The future of GENESIS is worth looking forward to.

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