FFG (Fire Full Game) — Decentralized Intelligence Lossless Contract


By chance, players saw the article published by Dr. Kevin Alton on on twitter, and they were fascinated by FFG (Fire Full Game), which is a near perfect lossless contract rule on the chain. Through the query and verification of the open source code, it is found that the lossless contract is completely consistent with the content published by Dr. Kevin Alton to twitter. FFG (Fire Full Game) is based on blockchain technology and built on wave field smart contract. It is 100% open source and completely decentralized.

FFG (Fire Full Game) is a 100% open source, decentralized smart lossless contract project based on the underlying technology of blockchain. All code and system architecture are deployed on the wave field (TRON) smart lossless contract. Players can participate through all supporting DAPP blockchain wallets. It is true that there is no server, no domain name, no app, no background, no customer service, no capital deposit, no operator, and all the procedures are executed on the chain, and all the distribution links are configured every second, which is completely fair, open, transparent and can not be tampered with.

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FFG(Fire Full Game) intelligence lossless contract, with a unique decentralized economic model design, adopts 100% second minute matching mechanism, which is automatically executed by smart contract code. It completely eliminates human intervention, and can be enabled by various playing methods such as winning the gold medal pool and super players. The safe, stable and transparent network environment and exciting lottery links meet the infinite expectation and pursuit of players for unknown experience.

FFG(Fire Full Game) uses community autonomy and diverse incentive model to create a 100% open source, adheres to the first principle of security, stability and transparency of asset data, adopts the intelligent lossless contract mechanism of second minute allocation, fully deploys asset data on wave field smart contract, forms a complete ecological network, fully considers the operation and bearing capacity of smart contract, and ensures the stable and accurate data on the chainfunction. It has greatly promoted the blockchain smart contract market and the general direction of blockchain ecological application, further increased the stickiness of FFG (Fire Full Game) players and leapfrog development of their life cycle, and brought infinite value opportunities to players. At the same time, FPT fuel value also generated infinite incineration and destruction circulation premium.

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