Facebook, IoTeX, R3 Among New Members of Confidential Computing Consortium

Facebook, IoTeX, R3 Among New Members of Confidential Computing Consortium


Facebook, Accenture, IoTeX, Nvidia and six other companies are joining the Linux Foundation’s , increasing the size of the privacy-focused group by 60 percent.

The addition of members , which leverages blockchain to secure the internet of things, and , an enterprise blockchain company, nearly doubles the number of blockchain companies involved. 

in late October 2019, the CCC aims to bring developers together to accelerate the use of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards. A TEE sequesters code and data away from applications on the main operating system, so they’re protected from adversaries who may gain access to the main operating system. If the main system is in the White House, for instance, with a variety of protections, a TEE is the bunker underneath it. 

Within a TEE, unauthorized actors cannot view the data that is being used within the TEE and cannot alter the data. This enables applications and other systems to run without having direct access to extensive amounts of vulnerable data such as financial or personally identifiable information. 

“Securing data-in-use in hardware-based TEEs, can … strengthen other security- and integrity-related technologies,” like running a blockchain ledger, said Stephen Walli, the chairperson of the CCC’s governing board, in a statement. 

“Confidential computing brings privacy-preserving smart devices to the next level by not only allowing users to own their private data, but also to use it in a privacy-preserving way,” Raullen Chai, CEO of IoTex, told CoinDesk in an email. “This has major implications for consumer-facing industries such as health care and smart homes, as well as enterprise for private multi-party data sharing and interactions.”

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