Enigma Blockchain Has a New Name and a Privacy Boost in the Works

Enigma Blockchain Has a New Name and a Privacy Boost in the Works

Credit: Kristina Flour/Unsplash

The Enigma mainnet was rebranded the Secret Network after an on-chain proposal by the community unanimously passed on May 17. The new website, Twitter and blog, among other digital assets, went live Wednesday. 

The Secret Network, so named to describe its decentralized governance, is an open source network that protects data for users of decentralized applications, now known as “Secret Apps.” 

With 28 active validators, the vote was, in part, a move to bring the different core contributors under a single, identifiable umbrella, even though they remain separate entities, in part as a way to attract developers and users. With the rebrand now complete, an acute push for developers is one of the next steps. Key contributors to the development of the mainnet and governance include , and , among others. 

“Enigma is thrilled that the branding for the mainnet blockchain now better reflects the communal effort supporting the chain, its growth and its mission — to bring privacy to public blockchains,” said Tor Bair, Head of Growth at Enigma, in a text message.

The Secret Network’s protocol lets decentralized applications utilize encrypted data without revealing it on a public blockchain, or even to nodes themselves, using smart contracts that can utilize private data termed “secret contracts.” The secret contract testnet is a few weeks away from launching but if all goes well it will then be proposed to the mainnet. 

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