economy, and the industry leader EME’s first batch of snap-ups should not be missed

Recently, OK has attracted the attention of everyone in the circle. It seems that the life and death of OK is related to the survival of the entire currency circle, but in fact, this does not help us make money, and the market has not been affected in any way.

And a small group of people began to steal the opportunity to make money while everyone’s attention was being paid attention to. This is the rush to buy EME, which is an opportunity to get rich that cannot be missed. To understand what EME is, you must first understand the market background of EME.

As we all know, countries around the world are actively deploying big data research, not only because of the rapid increase in data volume brought about by technological advances in the times, but also because the annual profit of data processing is amazing. For example, the communication application WhatsApp processes approximately 55 billion text messages, 4 billion photos, and 1 billion video transmissions, while Facebook’s revenue in Q3 2017 was 10.3 billion U.S. dollars, advertising revenue accounted for 98%, and users, as the creators of social content and the sole contributor of daily data, But never got the corresponding return.


In addition, according to the profit forecast of the international authoritative data company for the entire market: the revenue of the global big data industry in 2021 will reach 554 billion US dollars, so big data processing services are currently one of the fastest growing and most profitable emerging industries in the world.

EME was born under this background. At the same time, the most concerned big data blockchain public chain project focuses on solving big data problems.

The EME public chain is the world’s first equity model ecological public chain created by the EME FOUNDATION LTD. Foundation. It is intended to create an ecological model of a main chain consensus on the side chain of tens of thousands of enterprises, and reconstruct the traditional Internet institutions’ ability to collect, store, and calculate data. And exchange methods, comprehensively empower enterprises, new business asset circulation ecological models, create a one-stop de-neutralized service public chain, solve the pain points of enterprise blockchain operation and circulation, and solve the difficulties faced by the data economy. A transparent, decentralized, efficient, and consensus-based data-based service and network.

The EME public chain has the following six advantages:

1. Authenticity: real data processing tasks, real data processing network

2. Fairness: Everyone can use public revenue records to compete fairly

3. Reliable business model: data processing can generate actual profits to ensure the sustainable operation of EME data processing business

4. Trillion-dollar industry: It is estimated that within five years, the output value of the data processing industry will exceed one trillion US dollars

5. Open and transparent: EME data is completely open and transparent, everyone can verify

6. Bright prospects for the future: the data infrastructure of the future world, the cornerstone of the computing power of the blockchain world

EME has recently been snapping up tokens. Users who hold EME ecological tokens will not only enjoy more convenient data processing services in the future, but they can also join autonomous alliance organizations to become a node on EME and open the data platform. , Transaction or use. No one can control and solve practical problems while also enjoying the high returns brought by the era of big data.


From October 20th to October 28th, it is the best time to grab the EME token, and the earlier you grab it, the lower the cost. For example, if you snapped up EME on October 20, the unit price cost was $34, while on October 28, the unit price cost was $50. There were only 10,000 EMEs for everyone to snap up for the first 8 days, and 30,000 EMEs on the last day. .

At the same time, the opening price of EME is US$68. It can be said that if you grab it, you have already earned it first. At the same time, big data experts predict that in 2022, when the big data processing business grows wildly, the profit of EME’s data processing business will also increase. It will explode, and it is predicted that the unit price of EME will be as high as $1,500.

Now the panic buying activity has begun. This is a call of the times. We have already witnessed the advent of the era of big data. At the same time, we have seen the rapid development of 5G technology. Under the leadership of technology, countless companies that have grasped the tail of the era have achieved corner overtaking. Countless young people who have grasped the opportunity to realize the freedom of wealth, now the opportunity is here, EME will be the big ship carrying wealth under the big data!

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