Decentralized trading platform Maxswap officially launched

At 12:00 on January 15, 2021 (UTC+8), the new decentralized trading platform Maxswap was officially launched, and liquidity mining in the BRC-ZEUS fund pool was also started.


Maxswap realizes a decentralized digital asset trading platform. The Baer Chain super node Baer LA is based on the Baer Chain main network technology architecture, and uses the “constant product automatic market-making” model through automated liquidity protocols, so that established algorithms can replace manual labor. Quotation to promote automatic exchange transactions between digital assets.

As an open decentralized trading platform, Maxswap faces global BRC ecological users, and all investors holding relevant digital assets can participate in the transaction.

Each smart contract and transaction pair of Maxswap manages a liquidity fund pool composed of BRC and BAS9 tokens. Anyone can become a liquidity provider and participant of the fund pool, deposit tokens of corresponding value in exchange for the tokens in the fund pool; or provide two kinds of tokens to the fund pool according to a certain ratio to become a liquidity provider .

Through the open automated market-making mechanism, all users in the world who hold related digital assets can become market makers by depositing digital assets into the liquidity fund pool, and share transaction procedures while providing liquidity for the fund pool. Fee income.

Based on the constant product market maker model, Maxswap uses a fixed algorithm to generate transaction prices under open and transparent rules, determine the number of transactions, and users interact with smart contracts throughout the process, eliminating centralized exchanges or traditional market makers, and using servers Misconduct such as fictitious transactions.

In response to the current slow processing speed of DEX, high gas cost, low TPS, poor user experience, etc., Maxswap is built based on the Baer Chain main network architecture, which has faster transaction speed and block generation speed, lower transaction cost, Fairer transaction mechanism, more flexible transaction protection, and more convenient token issuance process.

Maxswap is implemented in the smart contract system on the Baer Chain mainnet, eliminating the need for trusted third-party intermediaries, and does not rely on buyers and sellers to solve the liquidity problems of traditional exchanges. It aims to rebuild a brand-new clearing and settlement financial network and improve the global Current financial situation.


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