Coinbase Outlines Tech Plan to Help Avert Future Outages

Coinbase Outlines Tech Plan to Help Avert Future Outages

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase (Credit: Steve Jennings for TechCrunch, used under Flickr Creative Commons license)

After a traffic spike again caused severe disruption of its exchange service – and angered users – Coinbase said it’s working on technical changes aimed to provide more stability in the future.

In a published late on Friday, Coinbase said it is ready to implement “a number of improvements,” which would allow the exchange’s servers to handle a sudden surge in usage – as was experienced last Monday.

“Around 16:05 PDT [23:05 UTC], the price of BTC reached USD $10,000. In connection with the rising price, we experienced a 5x traffic spike over 4 minutes. Our autoscaling was unable to keep pace with this dramatic increase in traffic,” reads the blog.

This traffic spike led to increased latency, Coinbase said, which had a domino effect on other services. With its servers becoming saturated with users trying to access and use the platform, and error reports also spiked by around 50% as visitors experienced timeouts and other server errors.

Within 20 or so minutes the firm had redeployed its API to increase the number of servers dealing with the traffic, as per the post.

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