Caesar Network perfects the traditional consensus algorithm and reshapes the trust mechanism

The emergence of Internet in 1990s reduces the distance between people. Flow of information and capital goes beyond the traditional scope of economy and finance, and generates new economic forms, such as online shopping, Internet finance, sharing economy and collaboration platforms. Although Internet resolves information asymmetry problem in a large extent and reduces transaction costs, Internet becomes a virtual space of lack of trust because of trust problems not resolve, so, credit intermediaries such as Paypaly emerged. However, the centralized value exchange model still has the defect of trust between users and the platform. Based on this, Caesar Network puts forward the idea of reshaping the trust mechanism with algorithms. By weakening the influence of central institutions, it strengthens the joint rule maintenance mechanism. , In order to improve the credibility of value exchange.

Value of Internet is mainly bodied in information linkage and information flow. It is still centralized mode in value exchange, which is resulted from the lack of trust mechanism of Internet itself. From the emergence of blockchain in 2019, human gradually transformed from information Internet to value Internet.

Blockchain technology is a breakthrough innovation to generate trust in Internet space, so it is regarded as the sign of the start point of value Internet. Trust mechanism of blockchain technology, which is algorithm-based and decentralized census trust. This mechanism has more evident communitarian ideal and the potential to create scale cooperation.

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One, principle of Caesar Network trust mechanism

1、Caesar Network is a decentralized mechanism which generates census trust. Caesar Network technology is committed to remove the control function of centralized node and make each node participate in transaction equally. Caesar Network generates mutual census among valid blocks through a modernized asynchronous Byzantine Fault-Tolerant(BFT) algorithm. This is inpired by Tendermint and HoneyBadger BFT. The transaction at any node will be transmitted to other all nodes to be validated. In an architecture in which any network faults exist, so long as the condition that most of people validating nodes are honest is met, an efficient fault-tolerant algorithm can be provided. So, the fault of any node will not influence the running of the overall system. Cryptographic methods but not centralized agency is used to generate trust among nodes and form decentralized, trusted and distributed system.

2、Caesar Network resolves information transparency and privacy protection problem. The information in Caesar Network is of high transparency and openness. Data on blockchain is open to each participating node. Any node can visit data and develop applications. The information of the entire system is of gigh transparency. Caesar Network protects personal information through asymmetrical encryption and authorization. Date can be accessed only with the authorization of data owner, and the data safety and data privacy is assured.

3、Caesar Network has the characteristics of tamper proof and traceability. In tamper proofing, asymmetrical cryptography principle is adopted to sign for transaction, and big data content identification and accreditation technology is also adopted to make information on the chain and transaction not to be tampered. At the same time, Hash algorithm and digital signature is utilized to assure the information and transaction data is difficult to be tampered. The more the nodes participating in system, the higher the safety of distributed database; in data traceability, data in asymmetrical is stored with timestamps, which add time dimension to data and bring high traceability.

4、Caesar Dao’s collective maintenance and autonomy mechanism. Caesar Network autonomy means, all nodes which participate in blockchain comply with the same census mechanism. The legal rules of the entire network comply with the principle of code being law and algorithm being rule. The implement of any government plan is determined by poll of the entire community. The government is not interfered by any personal factor. Data is freely exchanged, recorded and updated. Reliability and safety of the information in the entire blockchain system is spontaneously maintained collectively.

5、In product design, Caesar Network is a wholly independent, autonomous, self-contained and self-validated application, which is independent of instant or final network communication. It was inconceivable in the past.

In the past, the protection of the safety of something usually depends on physical defense, for example, put it in a physically safe place, or separate it from external access (cold wallet design principle). This method now is still an element of some form of electric safety, such as offline hardware encryption module used by certificate authority.

Contrast to safety protection mechanism, the design of Caesar Network depends on independent and open accreditation idea but not isolated operation. In essence, trust mechanism of Caesar Network technology is to enhance openness, equality and mandatory operation, and weak unbalance and uncertainty,, and aims to assure there be no node with information advantage, improve certainty through reducing dependence on the third party. It embodies a rule maintenance mechanism of mutual participating model.

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Two, impact on social order of Caesar Network trust mechanism

Since the emergence of humankind society, organizational form is centralized in most times. Government agencies based on organization structure of bureaucracy manage social and public affairs basically according to management-regulation mode. In such a mode, relative efficiency is low, and capture and rent-seeking phenomenon because of centralization of power, and equity crisis because of non-transparent information, will emerge. Autonomy characteristic of Caesar Network help to improve transitional order government philosophy via government-service mode. Hence, each participant is not completely loose atom-model existence, but an organic element in census mechanic.

The characteristics of Caesar Network, such as decentralization, census trust and autonomy, can not only improve economic efficiency, rebuild trust mechanism, but promote social government mode, hence, is of importance for current social order and configuration reform and innovation.

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