BYX Shakespeare Bear Super Node Conference kicks off, millions of leaders build brilliant together

On June 12, 2020, the BYX Shakespeare Bear Super Node Special Training Meeting was officially held. This BYX Super Node Conference
In addition to the on-site speeches and experience sharing by the leaders of BYX’s major super nodes, many top international blockchain guests, well-known investment institutions and media were also invited to explore the development status and future plans and trends of the BYX ecosystem.
At the meeting, the person in charge of the BYX community introduced the global digital ecosystem of cultural industry assets and explained why BYX can become a new era of business blue oceans.

Among them, based on the global cultural industry’s consensus on the value of “Shakespeare”, the BYX Foundation launched the “BYX” global cultural industry asset digital ecosystem for 5 years. By anchoring the portrait of “Shakespeare” with a market value of 4 billion held by Mr. Xiong Shiyu Global consensus on asset digitalization, and hired Mr. Xiong Shiyu as the first and only super node ambassador of BYX ecosystem.

BYX is based on the vigorous development and wide application of blockchain technology in the world. It has launched the Cultural Yndustry Chain global cultural industry asset digital ecosystem. It aims to connect the global cultural industry market and is committed to providing the most diverse and innovative asset digital culture. Industrial ecological services meet the investment needs of global users and create maximum investment value for customers.
At the same time, BYX issued the first cultural industry ecological industry circulation certificate in the world through the self-developed blockchain public chain, comprehensively building a new ecosystem of blockchain, Internet, financial innovation and real economy integration development, creating a new era of asset digitization .

In view of the value of BYXZ, a number of private spontaneous BYX communities have been born around the world, and these communities are all built by loyal BYX users, and BYX conferences are held from time to time to benefit more people and transfer value. In the hands of everyone, the BYX Shakespeare Super Node Conference, which has gathered many super leaders, is a more representative one. Let senior BYX community leaders participate in the meeting and share with each other about BYX. Experience and value, discuss how to further promote BYX, so that BYX’s value consensus can be communicated wider and farther.

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