AI Blockchain Governance Agreement will be officially launched at 13:59 on December 4 and start the first phase of DeFi liquidity mining

According to official news, the European AI Blockchain Governance Protocol Laboratory officially announced that it will go online at 13:59 on December 4th, Beijing time (Berlin time: 6:59:59 on December 4th) and officially open the first DeFi liquidity Mining. It is reported that the AI ​​blockchain governance protocol will use the Asproex (Apollo) exchange ecological token MOON as the basis for ecological applications, and by deploying the token on MOON, users will use a mechanism of non-destructive pledge and regular recovery of MOON to mine MI (Mobile intelligence) Creation rewards, while staking MOON can get a certain amount of MOON rewards.

The AI ​​Blockchain Governance Agreement (Artificial Intelligence Data Governance Agreement) developed by the AI ​​Blockchain Governance Laboratory is a big data-based blockchain governance agreement. It supports the development of smart contracts with Solidity and supports privacy protection based on ring signatures. , While supporting decentralized cross-chain transactions. AI adopts a distributed global office model, with offices in the United States, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places.

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